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The purpose of this certificate program is to develop a cadre of Latin@ LGBT and ally leaders who participate in a training program series to develop and acquire skills in becoming competent in representing the community and its needs as a leader and representative of the community.


The certificate program was developed through a collaboration with GLAAD, AGUILAS, Alliant International University, and the Rockway Institute of Alliant. A team representing the collaborative will develop and identify the competencies for the certificate and the training program sequence for obtaining the skill sets reflected in the competencies.

Certificates will be given to persons who complete the curriculum by the collaborative organizations.

The certificate program provides legitimacy to being a specialist in working with the Spanish and English media as a leader. It provides a skill set that can augment a person’s career as well as motivate participants to complete other types of educational programs to graduate with degrees and increase the workforce pipeline

The program is focused in four major areas:

Basic Financial Knowledge

Efficient Communication Tools

Legal Awareness For Latinx

Effective Strategies For Advocacy

This edition of La Academia by AGUILAS will be virtual via Zoom

on the 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th of March 2023.


To get more information:

Gustavo Ordonez - ViiV/HIV Program Coordinator (415) 558 8403 -

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