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About “La Academia by AGUILAS"

The certificate program was developed through a collaboration with GLAAD, AGUILAS, Alliant International University, and the Rockway Institute of Alliant.  A team representing the collaborative will develop and identify the competencies for the certificate and the training program sequence for obtaining the skill sets reflected in the competencies. Certificates will be given to persons who complete the curriculum by the collaborative organizations.


The certificate program provides legitimacy to being a specialist in working with the Spanish and English media as a leader. It provides a skill set that can augment a person’s career as well as motivate participants to complete other types of educational programs to graduate with degrees and increase the workforce pipeline

Training Overview - LEVEL 01:


1. Basic Financial Knowledge   

  • Basic knowledge about personal finances and financial planning such as employment benefits, health plans, insurance plans, and retirement planning.


  • Knowledge of the resources available to assist in obtaining information and in ensuring proper financial planning.


  • Knowledge of how to refer persons to resources that can assist in financial issues.


  • Basic ability to read financial corporate papers and understand the mechanisms of fiscal control for corporations.



2. Effective Strategies for Advocacy  

  • Knowing how to identify the areas of need in the community and the target group you plan to advocate.


  • Knowing how to collaborate with key stakeholders who have similar goals and needs in order to build a group for doing advocacy.


  • Knowing how to identify supporters and potential supporters for engaging in advocacy.


  • Developing a plan of action that identifies to whom the advocacy is targeted and the primary message that needs to be communicated.


  • Knowing different ways of organizing and communicating for effective advocacy.



3. Legal Awareness for Latinx 

  • Basic knowledge of legal and civic rights in the areas of housing, employment, immigration, health, and domestic partners.


  • Knowledge of the resources available to assist in obtaining information and in ensuring one’s rights are protected.


  • Knowledge of how to refer persons to resources that can assist in legal and civil rights issues.


  • Knowledge of “how to” policies and laws are created and ways to ensure Latinx LGBT issues are addressed.



4. Efficient Communication Tools 

  • Knowing how to be interviewed by TV, radio, and print press media.


  • Knowing how to respond to issues that arise in the media regarding LGBT issues.


  • Knowing how to create a press release.


  • Knowing how a media campaign is designed by bringing together a team of experts to design and execute the media campaign.



Training Objectives: 


The purpose of this certificate program is to develop a cadre of Latin@ LGBT and alley leaders who participate in a training program series in order to develop and acquire skills in becoming competent in representing the community and its needs as a leader and representative of the community.  This certificate program will enable participants to develop skills in four major areas:


1) Effective Strategies for Advocacy;


2) Communicate and interact effectively with Spanish and English TV, Radio, and Print press media;


3) Have a basic knowledge and understanding of legal and civil rights for Latino/a LGBT in various settings such as housing, immigration, domestic partners, employment, health, and other civil rights;


4) Have basic knowledge and skills in the area of personal and corporate finances by understanding the basic principles of finances and being able to read and understand corporate financial reports.





Legal Awareness for Latinx - TBD


    March 27th:  4:00 pm to 07:00 pm


Basic Financial knowledge - Oscar Almeyda 


   March 28th:  4:00 pm to 07:00 pm


Effective Strategies for Advocacy - Antonio Aguilar 


   March 29th:  4:00 pm to 07:00 pm


Efficient Communication Tools - Antonio Aguilar


   March 30th: 4:00 pm to 07:00 pm


From 4 pm to 7 pm - All classes will be virtual on the                             platform.


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