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‘Tis the Season to Reconnect and Express Appreciation

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

By Eduardo Morales, Ph.D.


As we move into the Fall season this is a good time to reflect on those whom we value and appreciate in our lives but have lacked the chance to express our appreciation. Before we get preoccupied with the events of the Fall and Winter seasons this is a good time to reconnect with those whom we value but have not kept in close contact for some time. The various seasonal holidays are good times to reconnect with our friends and loved ones, but those gatherings may not be a good opportunity to have quality time with those whom we value. Take inventory of those who have been important in your life. Take the time to reconnect or just simply write a note or call them telling them you miss being with together and appreciate them in your life. With the various pandemics we are experiencing, it would be unfortunate to not take the time now to express our appreciation of your friendship and plan to spend time with them soon. Holiday seasons can be very distracting and can interfere with quality time with persons whom you value in your life. Once they have gone or departed, we are left with desires, recollections, and regrets.

Lately I have taken the time to get my affairs in order so that I can spend time with those whom I value and appreciate. Wishing them well by write a card, calling them, and getting together to catch up are some of my goals for the remainder of this year. I feel better when I reached out and reconnected with my friends, family members, and colleagues. Now I have the time before the busy season of holidays complicates the kind of interactions and expressions of appreciation of them in my life. The summer is ending. The Fall season can take on a new meaning and adventure by recognizing that it is a season to reconnect. Through this process I hope to feel more complete, resolved, and fulfilled.

The COVID-19, Monkey Pox (MPX), and now an up surge of Legionaries disease in northern California has affected our typical lifestyles and ways to socialize. The new vaccine for the different variants of COVID-19 is available as well as the annual flu vaccine. One should consider these forms of protection so we can move along with our life and minimize the fear of being infected. I continue to be cautious by wearing KN95 mask when I am among crowds and doing chores. I feel it is a small price to pay than to run the risk of being sick and unable to socialize. Consider taking the MPX vaccine which is more plentiful and available. At some agencies like AGUILAS where can call at 415-558-8403, the staff can make appointments for the MPX vaccine through SF Department of Public Health so you can avoid the long wait lines. Kaiser also has the capability to administer MPX vaccines and usually requires an appointment. These vaccines are free of charge! Although there are very few cases of death caused by the complications of MPX infections throughout the world, I understand that infection of MPX is very painful and will restrict your ability to socialize and live your life.

I look forward to the various gatherings, street fairs, and festivities. I maintain my precautions while socializing and feel comforted that I have utilized the various vaccines to keep myself protected. Meantime now is the time for me to reconnect and engage with my friends. So, I plan to use this Fall season to be with those I value and express my appreciation that they are in my life.


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